Meet Lloyd Lefthand

He started out as a front end developer and designer. Building  websites and helping his clients grow. Lefthand started building and cultivating ADROMEDA ENTERPRISES  a portfolio of businesses and investments

  1. Different Execution
  2. CarMarketPlace
  3. LS Cyber Technologies
  4. The Great Story Tellers
  5. Accurate Web Developers

The Hair

I have had many people misinterpret my hair style well I chose to twist my hair into dreadlocks a hair style that uniquely identifies my creativeness. To me its more of a style and fashion . The hair style was inspired by Nigerian Singer Flavour.

Many call me Rasta but I am not although I love the Jamican Rastafari way of life but do not believe in the movement 

The Name

Lloyd Lefthand.

Lloyd was given to me by my Auntie British based, It is of Welsh origin, and the meaning of Lloyd is “grey-haired; sacred“, from Llwyd. The name may originally allude to experience and wisdom, and probably denoted a person entitled to respect.



I got this name from the powers my left hand bears. I draw, write, eat and do lots with my left hand. that is why I came up with this name combination. Lloyd Lefthand  


Graphic Design - PS,AI90%
Video / Motional Design - Pr, Ae80%
Programming php, html&css, Java47%


  • Making Music
  • Working Out
  • Traveling
  • Investment
  • Design
  • Real Estate 
  • Charity

Schools attended

  1. Great Salvation School 1997
  2. Jinja Sunbeam 1998-99
  3. Jinja St. Nicolas 2001-02
  4. Buddo Junior Sch 2003-05
  5. Shilo Nile Star 2005-18
  6. Goodheart Sec Sch –  2019
  7. Mukono Collage Sch – 2010
  8. Seroma Christian Sch – 2011-14
  9. Turkish Light Academy – 2013
  10. Seroma Christian Sch – 2014
  11. Aptech Computer Sch – 2015-16