Helping business owners is my passion and focus

Let’s be honest, after you have set up your business, you will need to communicate to your prospects. This could be graphical, in video or through web format. The bottom line, that’s what I do. If you want to learn more about working with me, learn my process below

My Process

I work differently than most creatives. I don’t just turn out multiple design mock-ups at you and hope you like one. I first learn who you are and how you got started. It’s a simple fact that my clients invest a lot in me, and it only makes sense that I’m doing the same for them

With that said, working with me relies heavily on trust, and letting me do what I do best. And this is why I first go through a deep interview process to fully understand your needs within the structure, right from building the brand to its marketing, Because every one of my clients needs something different, so let me build the brand you need, not what someone else needed. Click the Steps for details

Step 1. Interview

Grab a coffee, tea, or beer, and let’s chat. A zoom chat can also work. I want to know how you got started, what you’re currently doing, and where you’re heading. This is time for you to share your vision. I come in with a lot of questions, but the questions are just there to help guide the conversation along.

Step 2. Build

After the interview, I’ll have what I need to start on the development side of things. It could be that your need GRAPHIC DESIGN, WEB DESIGN or FILMING, I will advise accordingly. On making the decision of your need, We’ll make our way through two major rounds of revision that will put us in place for a successful brand and site build. A bunch of communication, design, and development work will happen through this stage.

Step 3. Polish

As the project is coming to an end I'm typically waiting on any remaining content needed to complete the site. Once all of the pages have been populated, I go through some final cleanup and polish. I also provide detailed training so nobody is left in the dark before the site has been successfully launched. This also applies to Graphics and Video Production


I would love to learn more about your project and for me to walk you through my build process in more detail. Reach out today and we’ll talk soon