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Get Clients For Massage Parlor

Today I will be taking you through what you need to get clients for massage Parlor.



I chose to write about this topic after helping my best friend merge up with a successful massage Parlor. Let me be host to you, the only thing that is going to help you succeed in this business is having consistent walk-ins. Given that you have set up your nice spa and all is left is getting clients. First things first, before anyone coming to you Parlor, they will love to see how you have set up this nice place. Traditionally, you can share information to people who inquire through  whatsapp. At first, this can work, but when clients increase it will be stressing for you to send information to each of client that makes an inquiry. Below is how I manage to help my clients. 


I created a website where all the information seats. Photos of how the spa looks, location, menu and therapist available. This saves you all the stress of sending each client the info, Everything will be in just one click. I also advise that you use WhatsApp business so that you set auto response for those that inquire about your business.

I help my clients by taking nice pictures and videos of the place with a beautiful websites that represent the spa brand.


This is for your to take note. Opening up a website does not bring you new clients, in the next paragraph I will explain to you what brings the clients.



So what brings massage Parlor clients?
Search engine Optimization does bring clients. After we have designed the website and everything is intact, we shall Optimize the website to bring clients. You must be wondering what Optimization is?

This is the process of writing content related to your business for people who are searching online . For example someone will ask Google. Where to get a Swedish massage in cape town. Your website should be having this kind of information. I charge this differently from the Web design. its cost depends on how many tops you would want to cover.This method of SEO is how the website will bring you new clients.


Other ways of getting massage Parlor clients include advertising on Dating sites. Dating sites like bangmash, exotic, massage Republic that have clients looking for your service. Some are free and others are for payment. Others provide banner spaces where you can advertise your spa.


If you need assistance on setting up your spa contact me via my website. I will be available to help you.

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